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Java Mobile Application and Its Development Tools

A new invention in technology largely depends on its development tools. It is the case with Java Mobile application too! Good development tools help developers to create productive apps. For example, the success of Java application is closely associated with its development tools.

Strong development tools such as the IDE’s will magnificently help J2ME’s adoption among wireless application. Various development tools have different criteria’s in terms of screen size, memory size, input methods, and computing speed.

Java Mobile Application

Java Application, Micro Edition (JavaME) gives a robust and a flexible environment for running applications on mobile phones and various other embedded devices such as mobile phones, TVset up boxes, PDA’s and printers. JvaME includes flexible user interfaces, built in network protocols, robust and security for built in network protocols, and support for offline and networked apps which are downloaded dynamically. The Java ME applications can be easily potable across many devices.

The Java Mobile technology is based on the basis three elements:-
  • A configuration provides the most basic set of libraries and virtual machine capabilities for a broad range of devices
  • A profile is a set of APIs that support a narrower range of devices
  • An optional package is a set of technology-specific APIs

The Java developers designs the application in such a way so that they able to host new services and feature in mobile.
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